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Moroccan Oil
Come experience Moroccan oil with us for all your hair needs. We now offer 4 new Moroccan oil treatments. Only $20 added onto a service, or $40 alone.
Scalp Balance Experience (for all hair types with scalp concerns)
         Soothes the scale while gently exfoliating and reducing flakiness. Purifies the scalp and help balance excess sebum.
Restorative Experience (for broken and split ends, damaged and/or lifeless strands)
          Protein rich treatment repairs and fortifies to improve overall condition and health of hair.
Smoothing Experience (for unruly, frizzy and/or rebellious hair)
         Intensely conditions for smooth, frizz-free hair with increased manageability.
Hydration Experience (for dehydrated, dull hair lacking in shine)
        Deeply moisturizes to improve texture, for hair that's silky and shiny.